CircuitQ: An open-source toolbox for superconducting circuits

  1. Philipp Aumann,
  2. Tim Menke,
  3. William D. Oliver,
  4. and Wolfgang Lechner
We introduce CircuitQ, an open-source toolbox for the analysis of superconducting circuits implemented in Python. It features the automated construction of a symbolic Hamiltonian of
the input circuit, as well as a dynamic numerical representation of this Hamiltonian with a variable basis choice. Additional features include the estimation of the T1 lifetimes of the circuit states under various noise mechanisms. We review previously established circuit quantization methods and formulate them in a way that facilitates the software implementation. The toolbox is then showcased by applying it to practically relevant qubit circuits and comparing it to specialized circuit solvers. Our circuit quantization is both applicable to circuit inputs from a large design space and the software is open-sourced. We thereby add an important toolbox for the design of new quantum circuits for quantum information processing applications.

A Transmon Quantum Annealer: Decomposing Many-Body Ising Constraints Into Pair Interactions

  1. Martin Leib,
  2. Peter Zoller,
  3. and Wolfgang Lechner
Adiabatic quantum computing is an analog quantum computing scheme with various applications in solving optimization problems. In the parity picture of quantum optimization, the problem
is encoded in local fields that act on qubits which are connected via local 4-body terms. We present an implementation of a parity annealer with Transmon qubits with a specifically tailored Ising interaction from Josephson ring modulators.