A Charge-Noise Insensitive Chiral Photonic Interface for Waveguide Circuit QED

  1. Yu-Xiang Zhang,
  2. Carles R. i Carceller,
  3. Morten Kjaergaard,
  4. and Anders S. Sørensen
A chiral photonic interface is a quantum system that has different probabilities for emitting photons to the left and right. An on-chip compatible chiral interface is attractive for both fundamental studies of light-matter interactions and applications to quantum information processing. We propose such a chiral interface based on superconducting circuits, which has wide bandwidth, rich tunability, and high tolerance to fabrication variations. The proposed interface consists of a core that uses Cooper-pair-boxes (CPBs) to break time-reversal symmetry, and two superconducting transmons which connect the core to a waveguide in the manner reminiscent of a „giant atom“. The transmons form a state decoupled from the core, akin to dark state of atomic physics, rendering the whole interface insensitive to the CPB charge noise. The proposed interface can be extended to realize a broadband fully passive on-chip circulator for microwave photons.

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