Toolbox for nonreciprocal dispersive models in circuit QED

  1. Lautaro Labarca,
  2. Othmane Benhayoune-Khadraoui,
  3. Alexandre Blais,
  4. and Adrian Parra-Rodriguez
We provide a systematic method for constructing effective dispersive Lindblad master equations to describe weakly-anharmonic superconducting circuits coupled by a generic dissipationless
nonreciprocal linear system, with effective coupling parameters and decay rates written in terms of the immittance parameters characterizing the coupler. This article extends the foundational work of Solgun et al. (2019) for linear reciprocal couplers described by an impedance response. Here, we expand the existing toolbox to incorporate nonreciprocal elements, account for direct stray coupling between immittance ports, circumvent potential singularities, and include dissipative interactions arising from interaction with a common bath. We illustrate the use of our results with a circuit of weakly-anharmonic Josephson junctions coupled to a multiport nonreciprocal environment and a dissipative port. The results obtained here can be used for the design of complex superconducting quantum processors with non-trivial routing of quantum information, as well as analog quantum simulators of condensed matter systems.