Multipartite entanglement in a microwave frequency comb

  1. Shan W. Jolin,
  2. Gustav Andersson,
  3. J. C. Rivera Hernández,
  4. Ingrid Strandberg,
  5. Fernando Quijandría,
  6. Joe Aumentado,
  7. Riccardo Borgani,
  8. Mats O. Tholén,
  9. and David B. Haviland
Significant progress has been made with multipartite entanglement of discrete qubits, but continuous variable systems may provide a more scalable path toward entanglement of large ensembles.
We demonstrate multipartite entanglement in a microwave frequency comb generated by a Josephson parametric amplifier subject to a bichromatic pump. We find 64 correlated modes in the transmission line using a multifrequency digital signal processing platform. Full inseparability is verified in a subset of seven modes. Our method can be expanded to generate even more entangled modes in the near future.

Trade off-Free Entanglement Stabilization in a Superconducting Qutrit-Qubit System

  1. Tristan Brown,
  2. Emery Doucet,
  3. Diego Ristè,
  4. Guilhem Ribeill,
  5. Katarina Cicak,
  6. Joe Aumentado,
  7. Ray Simmonds,
  8. Luke Govia,
  9. Archana Kamal,
  10. and Leonardo Ranzani
Quantum reservoir engineering is a powerful framework for autonomous quantum state preparation and error correction. However, traditional approaches to reservoir engineering are hindered
by unavoidable coherent leakage out of the target state, which imposes an inherent trade off between achievable steady-state state fidelity and stabilization rate. In this work we demonstrate a protocol that achieves trade off-free Bell state stabilization in a qutrit-qubit system realized on a circuit-QED platform. We accomplish this by creating a purely dissipative channel for population transfer into the target state, mediated by strong parametric interactions coupling the second-excited state of a superconducting transmon and the engineered bath resonator. Our scheme achieves a state preparation fidelity of 84% with a stabilization time constant of 339 ns, leading to the lowest error-time product reported in solid-state quantum information platforms to date.