Optimal control in large open quantum systems: the case of transmon readout and reset

  1. Ronan Gautier,
  2. Élie Genois,
  3. and Alexandre Blais
We present a framework that combines the adjoint state method together with reverse-time back-propagation to solve otherwise prohibitively large open-system quantum control problems. Our approach enables the optimization of arbitrary cost functions with fully general controls applied on large open quantum systems described by a Lindblad master equation. It is scalable, computationally efficient, and has a low memory footprint. We apply this framework to optimize two inherently dissipative operations in superconducting qubits which lag behind in terms of fidelity and duration compared to other unitary operations: the dispersive readout and all-microwave reset of a transmon qubit. Our results show that, given a fixed set of system parameters, shaping the control pulses can yield 2x improvements in the fidelity and duration for both of these operations compared to standard strategies. Our approach can readily be applied to optimize quantum controls in a vast range of applications such as reservoir engineering, autonomous quantum error correction, and leakage-reduction units.

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