Ideal Quantum Nondemolition Readout of a Flux Qubit Without Purcell Limitations

  1. Xin Wang,
  2. Adam Miranowicz,
  3. and Franco Nori
Dispersive coupling based on the Rabi model with large detuning is widely used for quantum nondemolition (QND) qubit readout in quantum computation. However, the measurement speed and fidelity are usually significantly limited by the Purcell effects, i.e.: Purcell decay, critical photon numbers, and qubit-dependent Kerr nonlinearity. To avoid these effects, we propose how to realize an ideal QND readout of a gradiometric flux qubit with a tunable gap via its direct dispersive coupling to a boundary-tunable measurement resonator. We show that this novel readout mechanism is free of dipole-field interactions, and that the qubit-QND measurement is not deteriorated by intracavity photons. Both qubit-readout speed and fidelity can avoid the Purcell limitations. Moreover, this direct dispersive coupling can be conveniently turned on and off via an external control flux. We show how to extend this proposal to a multi-qubit architecture for a joint qubit readout.

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