Engineering two-mode entangled states between two superconducting resonators by dissipation

  1. Peng-Bo Li,
  2. Shao-Yan Gao,
  3. and Fu-Li Li
We present an experimental feasible scheme to synthesize two-mode continuous-variable entangled states of two superconducting resonators that are interconnected by two gap-tunable superconducting qubits. We show that, with each artificial atom suitably driven by a bichromatic microwave field to induce sidebands in the qubit-resonator coupling, the stationary state of the photon fields in the two resonators can be cooled and steered into a two-mode squeezed vacuum state via a dissipative quantum dynamical process, while the superconducting qubits remain in their ground states. In this scheme the qubit decay plays a positive role and can help drive the system to the target state, which thus converts a detrimental source of noise into a resource.

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