Ultra-precision DC source for Superconducting Quantum Computer

  1. Futian Liang,
  2. Peng Miao,
  3. Jin Lin,
  4. Yu Xu,
  5. Cheng Guo,
  6. Lihua Sun,
  7. ShengKai Liao,
  8. Ge Jin,
  9. and ChengZhi Peng
The Superconducting Quantum Computing (SQC) is one of the most promising quantum computing techniques. The SQC requires precise control and acquisition to operate the superconducting
qubits. The ultra-precision DC source is used to provide a DC bias for the qubit to work at its operation point. With the development of the multi-qubit processor, to use the commercial precise DC source device is impossible for its large volume occupation. We present our ultra-precision DC source which is designed for SQC experiments in this paper. The DC source contains 12 channels in 1U 19~inch crate. The performances of our DC source strongly beat the commercial devices. The output rang is -7~V to +7~V with 20~mA maximum output current. The Vpp of the output noise is 3~uV, and the standard deviation is 0.497~uV. The temperature coefficient is less than 1~ppm/ ∘ C in 14~V range. The primary results show that the total drift of the output within 48h at an A/C room temperature environment is 40~uV which equal to 2.9~ppm/48h. We are still trying to optimize the channel density and long-term drift / stability.