Quantum-limited Parametric Amplification with Josephson Circuits in the Regime of Pump Depletion

  1. Ananda Roy,
  2. and Michel Devoret
Linear parametric amplification is a key operation in information processing. Our interest here is quantum-limited parametric amplification, i.e., amplification of quantum signals while adding the minimum amount of noise allowed by quantum mechanics, which is essential for any viable implementation of quantum information processing. We describe parametric amplifiers based on the dispersive nonlinearity of Josephson junctions driven with appropriate tones playing the role of pumps. We discuss two defining characteristics in the architecture of these amplifiers: the number of modes occupied by the signal, idler and pump waves and the number of independent ports through which these waves enter into the circuit. We discuss scattering properties of these amplifiers. This is followed by computations of the dynamic range and phase-space distributions of the fluctuations of the modes of the amplifiers.

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